What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You:
Brushing And Flossing 
Causes Gum Disease
What You Can Do To Keep Your Mouth Healthy 
And Minimise Future Dental Appointments
“The sound of the spinning drill grew louder as it drew closer. The hair on my arms lifted, the sound of my heart pounded in my ears and beads of sweat streamed down my neck as I gripped the arms of the reclining chair. All I could do was shut my eyes and open my mouth.”

This is what used to go through my mind at dental appointments. As I grew older I knew I had to break free from these imaginary chains and find a better way.  And guess what I found.....?
Let me ask you a simple question.

"Might your dentist be taking advantage of you?" 

This may sound odd because in your mind, your friendly dentist may be the most helpful professional you know. Maybe you've been using that dental clinic for years. But that's not what I asked. If you don't know the answer, let me help you, because to change things you need to take a few steps out-of-bounds.

Reading about dental health isn’t the most riveting of subjects. We know that.

We also know that the consequences of not looking after your teeth and gums properly can be, well downright serious and expensive.

As that old dental saying goes, “You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”.

The simple fact (and you'll learn this) is that you'll never have a healthy body until you have a healthy mouth.  Read that sentence again because it is fundamental to a healthy future.

I need your attention for a moment so I can tell you what you ought to know about the essentials of dental health. This way you’ll never be taken advantage of by a TV ad campaign or a less-then-ethical dentist, ever again.

First The Bad News
Let me get this out of the way. How would you feel if I told you that brushing your teeth could be the hidden cause of gum disease? You probably read that sentence a second time just to make sure you read it right the first. Then your instincts probably told you not to believe it. Why?  Because it's harder for people to accept something new that challenges the beliefs they were brought up with. 

After all it’s something you’ve been doing all your life. Day after day for many years, you’ve brushed your teeth in the way you were taught. Yet every year you make appointments with the dentist and probably have some work done. 

Don’t get me wrong. There are many amazing dentists out there, yet like all professions there are some poor ones too. It’s the poor ones we’re talking about here.  

To be fair to dentists, appointment after appointment they’re looking into their patients' mouths, often at how badly they’ve been looking after themselves. Your own poor dental habits could be the cause of your dentist’s grief! 

Would you even like that job?
Question Time

I have a simple question to ask. When did your dentist last give you advice on how to look after your teeth and gums that didn’t involve brushing more often, flossing more often and using mouthwash? If you’re one of the few who can answer “Yes” to that, your dentist sounds like a ‘keeper’.

I’m offering to tell you with clarity about the better ways to do this. Many better ways.

I could also tell you that the wisdom teeth you may have had extracted probably didn’t need to be taken out, or the gum surgery may not have been necessary either. Root canal treatments? Did your dentist make you aware of the links to cancer these procedures have? Is your dentist still using mercury (amalgam) fillings when the dental industry itself admits that mercury is a neurotoxin. And then there’s the constant promotion of fluoride even though that too is a neurotoxin.  

I’d hate to think that there are dentists out there, creating their own repeat business!

The Good News

OK now for the good news. Actually it’s great news! From this moment on, the way in which you look after your teeth and gums can be much more effective. I know that because it’s exactly the same way I’ve been looking after mine for many years and I’m going to give you the A to Z.

What you’ll need for this basic bootcamp approach to dental health is:
  • an open mind
  • a willingness to try things out for yourself
  • a willingness to try things out again if they don’t work the first time
That’s all. 

It doesn’t matter what age, sex or religion you are, as long as you have teeth and/or gums (or family members with them). Here you’ll learn about a magnificent combination of tried-and-tested remedies as well as brand new information that’ll be of immense value for the rest of your life. 

If you’re looking for the latest gadget that’ll clean your teeth for you in 30 seconds, a new gel to put on your teeth to prevent decay or a magic formula that was discovered on a scroll amongst Tutankhamen’s treasures, stop reading right now.

They don’t exist.  

I’m offering what has already been used for centuries, some even before toothbrushes and toothpaste were even invented. These approaches worked then and they work just as well today. They are not heavily promoted because….well it’s that old corporate ‘follow the money’ story again.

Deep down we all want something better. We know we can’t be experts at everything so we place our trust in the professionals to look after our health. When we learn we’ve been taken advantage of, that’s the point at which we change, and change for the better.

Truth Decay

Science has largely been hijacked by corporate interests and become fraudulent for profit. Real science is wide open to questions, to exploring - not afraid to have multiple points of view.

  • Does your dentist look healthy? 
  • Does your dentist give you quick, dismissive answers to your questions?
  • Does your dentist roll his/her eyes when you voice an opinion?  

This is really a"shut up and listen to me" warning. I was once told “If you don’t do this you’re going to lose your teeth” , a fear tactic at best (I didn't do it and I didn't lost my teeth).  Any dentist (or doctor) who questions the fact that you're trying to educate yourself about your own health using the internet should be removed from your team. A good dentist will support and even encourage you with positive language. 

Imagine you’re sitting in the dentist’s reclining chair having been given a painful root canal treatment. The procedure was carried out as the result of your dentist’s professional advice. Would you have agreed to this had you known that root canal treatments may cause more long term damage, including cancer, than just having the dead tooth extracted? 

Or that your spouse has just had two amalgam fillings contain brain-damaging mercury that might contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease in later years.

Last example. Imagine your dentist has recommended the removal of your teenage daughter’s wisdom teeth because they have not fully ‘erupted’ into position and are still covered by gum tissue or jawbone …….and that complications could follow if nothing is done immediately. 

Your dentist’s recommendations were what made you agree, but you later learn the procedure was wholly unjustified as your daughter’s wisdom teeth were neither crowded nor impacted and that no complications at all would have followed by letting them grow into position naturally.

At what point on the wrath scale would you be?

It's evident that conventional dentistry remains stuck in the 1950’s.  There have been so many advances with ozone, non-mercury based fillings, thermography, cone beam imaging and safer 3D X-rays yet conventional 'old school' dentistry continues to use toxic substances and toxic practices that contaminate waterways, pollute the environment and contaminate patients, dental staff and the dentists themselves.

We’re warned about consuming tuna because of the mercury content. What they don't tell you that people with amalgam fillings are host to more mercury than tuna.  Guess what contaminates the air we breathe to a significant degree?  The cremation of bodies with amalgam fillings.

Well that’s about to change as more and more people are demanding to know what's going into their bodies.  There is a  consumer power movement and you're already part of it!  
Many years ago I began gathering information for people who, like me have suffered and paid the price for a lack of knowledge.

I consider myself lucky. Apart from amalgam fillings (now removed) and a crown, I’ve had little work done. On one occasion however I nodded my agreement to have a painful mouth ulcer surgically removed so the dentist could determine its cause! Ouch! What on earth came over me? I know now I should never have agreed but my dentist wore a white coat. And no, he didn’t determine its cause.

To gather the essentials of looking after the health of your mouth, (especially with that growing family) we’ve spoken with pre-eminent dentists from all over the world; we’ve combed through books of ancient wisdoms; scoured research papers and dental health websites to compile and bring you what you need know.  

One thing you need to accept. Achieving dental health is not all about what you need to do to improve things; it’s often about what you need to stop doing to bring about change.  

Here’s a solution in which you’ll discover:

  •  what really causes cavities (its not what you’ve been told)
  •  what prevents tooth decay (it’s not fluoride)
  •  over 50+ natural ways to prevent gum disease
  •  the toothbrush that puts all other toothbrushes to shame
  •  the most effective mouthwash in the world
  •  the dangers of commercial mouthwash
  •  how to make your own toothpaste and mouthwash at home
  •  how to prevent and eliminate plaque
  •  how to destroy bad breath
  •  the Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese approaches to dental health
  •  the disease that starts in your mouth and spreads through your body
  •  how to unburden the chemical overload you’re carrying
  •  knowing what to avoid - even if your dentist recommends it
  •  which procedures (still being carried out) are effectively obsolete
As we’re presenting this as a simple, no fluff, no filler way so that no-one has to study anything or look up medical dictionary to understand things better.  Unlike the format of "The Body Speaks" there are relatively few links in the text of this ebook.

Once you’ve integrated these basics into your daily routines, you’ll

   - never need to have another filling
   - know when to have gum surgery if it's necessary 
   - understand why you MUST avoid fluoride and mercury     
   - only agree to a root canal treatment in a dire emergency 
   - never have a wisdom tooth removed (except in the right circumstances).

Much of this information is not unique; in fact it’s been around for centuries although re-learning it made me feel like I'd discovered a hidden cache of insider knowledge. It’s unlikely your dentist will know much know about it. That is by no means your dentist’s fault - it's what they don't teach at dental school.

Where Else Can I Get This Information?
I cannot find any document like this where the knowledge and guidance is all presented together. Certainly not in bookshops. Even if you find a book on dental health, you’ll still have to go alone and figure it out for yourself. Dentists have an encyclopaedic knowledge of their subject but what use is that if they were taught the wrong information at Dental School? Any book written by a dentist will have an agenda, especially if they’re still promoting fluoride and mercury.  Are they telling you the truth or just their truth?
Where to next?
You can get my help. That’s why I spent time compiling “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease”. This information is something you’ll treasure for years. Once you’ve read it, I’d encourage you to pass on copies to friends and family if you think they’ll benefit in some way.

The cost? I want to be upfront with you and tell you the cost is only USD10.00. That's just over £7.00, €8.00 or A$12.50. Of course people have told me to charge much more. "Charge what it’s worth" they say.  If you’re wondering why I’m letting this go at a cost that won't even cover the outlay I've made to produce it. If you want to know why it’s because I want you to have it and use it so that no-one will pull the wool over your eyes again. What's important is you becoming captain of your own ship with regard to your health; the CEO of your own body.

Given that the average cost of a dental appointment in the USA is U$288, I think we can safely say that even one appointment saved would be worth the investment.

With the increasing costs of dental appointments, to save money, more and more people are choosing NOT to visit the dentist. Unfortunately they’re risking so much unless they have access to authentic and reliable information like this.

For US$10.00 you'd be lucky to buy a coffee and a sticky bun in a high street café.  

If you ask “Will this work for me?”, I’d suggest you look at your question from a different perspective. Your annual dental bills are sufficient confirmation that the brushing and flossing you've been doing each day for years simply isn’t enough. I’ll teach you better ways - and there are many. Remember that these approaches have worked for several thousand years already.  

The "Illusion Of Truth"

With modern dentistry there have been many wonderful developments. Unfortunately the old ways have been brushed aside in favour of a dubious chemical approach which, through continuous medical and media propaganda has caused more long term problems than it solved.

See yourself in 3 months, 6 months, 2 years, 10 years time. Do you want more of what’s been happening to you over past years, or are you up for learning something new and valuable that’ll move you forward? 

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be able to switch off any concerns or fears associated with imminent dental appointments and finally understand that your mouth is healing, and you know how to keep it that way? Also know that you no longer have to pay silly amounts of money every year to have your teeth and gums damaged by professional ignorance.

Is the mouth you're kissing goodnight a healthy one?  You need to know this as gum disease is an infection and infections can be spread through contact.  Bet no-one ever told you that!

You have options:
Option A
Stay as you are right now, don’t get your copy of “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” and hope that you pass every dental examination from now on with flying colours

It was physicist Albert Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result…

Option B
This is for those of you who are taking advantage of this low-priced precaution against a possible high-priced dentist’s bill. If you no longer want to rely on mediocre ways of addressing your dental health conditions, take a risk-free 60 day trial and prove to yourself that you can create positive change in your life.

If “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” doesn’t give you the results you are looking for, you’ve risked nothing. Simply click the button below to receive the most valuable download you’ll have this year.  

I look forward to hearing about how your life changed for the better, especially free of pain and unnecessary suffering. I’d also be fascinated to hear what good things your dentist will say to you after your next appointment. 

Don’t take my word for it:
Here's What People Are Saying:
“Thank you for taking so much time to answer my questions, explain things to me and for all the information. You were helpful and I know that possibly some of my qualms about typical dental care were right. Now, I have some hope.”

“I’ve only been using the brush for a couple of weeks. I have teeth with hardly any gaps in between, flossing never worked properly, I got nagged by the dentist every time I went to see her. Today I went, she said, “You have absolutely no plaque at all!” I love these brushes, you can blot when watching TV or reading. It’s quite addictive! And relaxing! I am spreading the word. I tried to explain to my dentist but she wasn’t interested.”

“FYI the teeth left from all the yanking dentists became so strong that I feel as though someone cemented them in and most all gingivitis gone. Why did I not know about it when my smile was full of my own teeth?"

“I just wanted to tell you that I cancelled 2 appointments with the dentist, and made an appointment with the hygienist. She said my gums were fine! Yippee… I did try to tell her why, but it fell on deaf ears. I asked her about the gums above the bridge, as I had asked your advice, and the dentist said that I should have a new bridge. But the hygienist said the gums were fine. My gums have certainly improved, and they have returned to their proper place, moving down towards the teeth. I have no bleeding and the only sensitive parts are in the middle of the bottom teeth at the back (not near the gums), so I am trying charcoal to try and re-mineralise them. I am quite sure that had I kept my appointment with the dentist, without realising that I could, in fact, do something, she would have suggested taking the next tooth out, because originally it was quite painful. Now it is strong and no pain. And a new bridge! Imagine the expense, never mind the awful feeling after extraction, which lasted for weeks.
So thank you very much for all your help and advice. Absolutely delighted!”

After years of having gums that bleed every time I brush and trying different mouthwashes, brushes, flosses, tapes and pastes, I did not have much faith in anything changing, but it has.
On the first day there was only a tiny bit of blood when I cleaned my teeth. This has not been the case for many years. In the morning I used the blotting brush and at bed time I brushed the usual way followed by a quick blot. After just two days the blood had gone, my mouth felt fresher and was no longer sore. I have now been doing this for two weeks and still no blood. I carry a brush in my bag and no longer need to use floss.
I am trying hard not to be too evangelical but it is hard when a simple product and technique has changed my life so much. I feel it has improved, not just my mouth, but my health in general.
I have given my daughters brushes and my grand daughter. I am trying to convert everyone I know so I shall be ordering more soon.
These brushes really work! Keep up the good work.
There you have it.  Keeping your mouth healthy is the most overlooked health issue today.

The symptoms of 80% of diseases originate from problems within your mouth. And, as you've read, millions of people are exposed to questionable dental procedures carried out every day.

From here on the decision is yours.  You can carry on subjecting yourself to these procedures or you can become part of the quiet revolution that's going on.  A positive decision will change the way your health is restored and maintained.  The more people that join this revolution, the faster and better the professional treatments from dentists will become.  That's something we all want.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

This offer also comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Yes 60 days. I'm giving you this long so that you have time to read the information at your leisure, become familiar with it and try out the recommendations. 

If you genuinely feel there is nothing that helps you in any way at all, we’ll honour your request for a refund. 
What Are You Waiting For?