The Body Speaks:
Tracking The Signs And Symptoms
Of Deteriorating Health
Some years ago a lady from Guildford, West Sussex called me to enquire about using the herbal remedies from Damascus we were offering at that time. At one point in our conversation she asked whether there was any contra-indication with regard to the pills she was taking for high blood pressure. I asked a few questions, enquiring also how long she’d had high blood pressure. She replied, “I don’t have high blood pressure", adding “But the doctor recommended that I take the pills in case I developed high blood pressure.” 
To understand her statement better I then asked how long ago that was. “Ten years” was her reply. Hmmmm.
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That the pharmaceutical industry engages in dubious influential practices isn’t breaking news. Show me a corporate business with shareholders to keep happy that isn’t guilty of avarice these days. Payments to lawmakers and inducements to doctors seems to be standard practice. Over the years, billions of dollars have been raised by feel-good cancer campaigns, ostensibly to fight disease.
As there's no long-term profitability in finding cures, greater focus is made on administering diseases.  That's a diplomatic way of saying prolonging diseases, at your expense. Obstetrician, gynaecologist, author and advocate of women's health and wellness Dr. Christiane Northrup writes:

"What we call healthcare has nothing to do with health.  It is disease management and disease screening" adding "Health is more than waiting for disease to happen".

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing doctors and surgeons in my travels. They’re a credit to their profession. Unfortunately there are some doctors who are, well let’s describe them as mediocre. These are the ones that seem more interested in prescribing potions and pills, irrespective of your condition. It’s evident that greed has taken over the heart of modern medicine.

Until this approach is reigned in, it’s up to you to find better ways to keep out of their clutches. By ‘better ways’ I mean becoming familiar with the many signs and symptoms of a condition as they develop.

Question Time
I have a simple question to ask you. When did your doctor last give you advice on how to look after yourself that didn’t involve medications like the lady from Guildford in the example above? Or when did your doctor last advise you to boost your vitamin and mineral levels to avoid returning every month or two with common or familiar complaints?

Let’s be fair to doctors as well. People make appointments for the slightest headache or rash, sometimes demanding antibiotics for the ‘flu or colds. As a result of indiscriminate use, the bacteria that antibiotics were originally designed to overwhelm have adapted and changed, making antibiotics less effective. This is antibiotic resistance.

Patient Time
Antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections such as ‘flu, the common cold and most sore throats. They weren’t designed that way. But after sitting in a doctor’s waiting room for over 30 minutes, patients want to go away with something and it’s often easier for the doctor to write a prescription for something innocuous than 
send patients away empty handed and angry.

The consequence is that doctors have less and less time to devote to each patient. In the UK doctors see patients for 10 minutes, if that. The British Medical Association wants this increased to 15 minutes. Yet each year the waiting time for a doctor’s appointment increases by 30%. I spoke with a doctor in Chichester, West Sussex about the Accident and Emergency Services offered at hospitals. He estimated that 85% of A & E visits were totally unnecessary, some patients abusing this service simply to avoid sitting in their doctor’s waiting room.

What You Can Do
You’ve probably struggled with your health at some point. If you think it’s all your fault, let me suggest that it may not be the case. And yes your deepest suspicions were correct: the foods and drinks we consume have been utterly compromised in terms of additives and questionable methods of growth; the air we breathe has become a cocktail of toxins and radioactive substances; the medicines we trusted our doctor to prescribe come with unwanted side effects. No wonder we’re not firing on all cylinders and the state of many countries’ health systems have become dysfunctional. The phrase “tired of being tired” springs to mind.

Deep down we want something better than what we’re getting. Health services in countries like Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia used to be first class.  We got what we paid for and more. Today the deterioration has become so evident that it's like paying for a first class ticket but travelling in a third class carriage. Given the meddling from World Governments and the Pharmaceutical industry the situation is not going to get better.  
We have to play our part by getting to know our body better and recognise the messages it sends us. 

The choice is simple: carry on as before and carry on trusting the system or take the opportunity to learn the signs your body is sending you when it needs some attention.  We can either learn voluntarily or, if a doctor in whom we’ve placed our trust takes advantage of our ignorance, we learn from necessity.

The learning will start when you download your free copy of “The Body Speaks: Tracking The Signs and Symptoms Of Deteriorating Health”

‘The Body Speaks’ is a speck of light at the end of your tunnel. It’s a starting block on your journey to much better health. Essentially it’s a collection of articles and videos showing us how our body can, and indeed does convey signs of impending disease or adverse health conditions. Once you recognise the symptoms you can do something about them before the condition worsens. When we know what’s taking place we can take preventive action. After all it’s sensible for us to dig the well before we’re thirsty.

In ‘The Body Speaks’ you’ll discover:

  • the six best doctors        
  • why sitting is harmful        
  • why brushing and flossing causes gum disease        
  • what’s really causing your headaches        
  • the location of your acne can indicate what’s causing it        
  • how heart disease can be detected in your eyes        
  • why you should never use cotton tips to clean your ears        
  • the shape of your nose can help identify certain personality traits        
  • the science (and fun!) of kissing        
  • messages from your tongue        
  • why you must keep your armpits open        
  • why you should opt for thermograms instead of mammograms        
  • what you need to know about internal parasites

….and so much more on many aspects of your body.                                                                                          

We’re presenting this in a simple way so that you won’t have to look up a medical dictionary to understand what is written.

Where Else Can I Get This Information?
I don’t believe you’ll find this information anywhere else in the same grouped format. I sourced it from many different websites so the articles may still be available individually. Otherwise you can buy a medical dictionary or go on an evening course in biology but the truth is you’re only going to learn what the establishment wants you to believe. That’s not what you really want.

If you’re interested in understanding different perspectives to maintaining vibrant health, this is the document for you. Keep it handy and pass it onto friends and family if you think they’ll benefit in some way. I encourage you to do that. Oh in case you were wondering, it doesn’t matter what age, sex, race or religion you are. This information will benefit you, irrespective of how much or little you already know.

I’m not offering remedies. They're a different matter altogether. There can be many different underlying causes of a condition and a one-size-fits-all solution would not be right. If you can determine and deal with the cause, half the battle is won. Cancer for example may be caused by sleeping over a line of geopathic stress, a conflict shock, the long term effect of toxins in a blocked lymphatic system, an unresolved emotional issue or one of many other reasons. Dying patients have even cited lack of love as a cause. What’s important is that people determine what the origin may be for them.

Achieving better health is not necessarily about what you need to do or take to improve things; it’s often about what you need to stop doing to bring about the changes you want.

OK What’s This Going To Cost Me?
I could ramble on about how long the information has taken me to put together (over 2 years!) and say that I should be charging what it’s worth. To different people it’s worth different amounts.

Instead I’m going to tell you that I am making this available FREE OF CHARGE with the condition that you promise yourself to go through the information.

The articles and videos are not mine and therefore should be passed on freely. They have been written or created by professionals and practitioners with experience and practical knowledge in their respective fields. To have any chance of being in good condition these days you need a tribe to hang around with who believe in health and can exchange ideas. The contributors to this document are part of my tribe; make them part of yours.  I am so grateful for their contribution and have no doubt that you will be as well. 

Their work has already been made available to the general public free of charge on social media sites such as FaceBook or YouTube. All I did was collect the information and arrange it in a way that everyone benefits. There is no charge for that but all I ask is that I you use it and take better control of your health. You’ll save a fortune in prescription fees and medicines; more importantly you’ll be able to spot and hopefully prevent the onset of unwanted conditions before they become serious.

At the point of release, other than myself and my wife, no-one has read this document. I can’t therefore list wonderful testimonials from past readers as is usually the case in such documents.  Download it and you’ll be amongst the first.  For what it’s worth my wife said it was great. There you go!

All you need to do now is register below and we’ll email “The Body Speaks: Tracking The Signs and Symptoms Of Deteriorating Health” directly to you, even if its long after midnight and you should be heading for bed.  Remember this: it's a valuable reference document rather than a page turner.

Your body is so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s time you looked after it better by taking back control of your health.  
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